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Best Snorkeling in Greece (Ultimate List)

Are you planning to make a snorkeling adventure part of your next vacation? Here’s the perfect snorkeling checklist: • Snorkel• Mask• Swim fins• Sunscreen The only thing missing from that checklist is the destination. For some of the best snorkeling on the planet,...

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The World’s Most Secluded Island (Extreme Privacy)

The world's most secluded island can be RENTED. Gladden Private Island is located just 20 miles northeast of Placencia, Belize, making it one of the most tropical experiences you could ever imagine. But don't take our word for it... have a look at these beautiful...

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Best Pink Sand Beaches in Greece (2019)

Pink sand beaches should be on every beach enthusiasts bucket-list. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Greece, which was absolutely breathtaking. The Mediterranean waters are incredible and there are even a few pink sand beaches in this country that are well...

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