15 Best Tropical Places to Visit in September

By Billy | Updated: September 3, 2021

Sweater weather makes for the perfect tropical getaway.

Not to mention…

Most people take their vacation during winter and spring, making September less active.

So are you wondering where to travel in September?

How about flying to…

1. Aruba

Average Sept. Air Temp
80°F – 90°F

best tropical places to visit in september
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There really isn’t a bad time to visit Aruba. September is a great time to visit if you don’t mind higher average temps. This is the month where most people avoid because the trade winds die, making it hotter than normal. But, it’s a great time to visit since the crowds are a lot less.

Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela. A constituent country of the Netherlands, known for its beautiful blonde beaches, superior wreck diving, and desert landscapes. Aruba’s average temperatures in September range from 80° to 90° Fahrenheit, so pack your sunscreen! This Caribbean island is easily one of the best tropical destinations in September.

2. Zanzibar

Average Sept. Air Temp:
70°F – 85°F

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Located off the coast of Tanzania, Africa, Zanzibar is an archipelago and Tanzania’s main island. You might also know it by its other name: Unguja. Well-known for its stunning exotic beaches, 19th-century landmarks and architecture, culture, and diverse spices (yes, spices!)

Zanzibar is a wonderful tropical vacation destination. Average temperatures in September tend to be around 70° to 85° Fahrenheit, so you’ll be able to both sunbathe and explore the island comfortably.

3. Belize

Average Sept. Air Temp
75°F – 90°F

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Belize is a country located on the eastern side of Central America, bordering Guatemala to the east and north, and Mexico to the south. While Belize itself is not an island, it has a beautiful coastline on the Caribbean Sea as well as several islands you can visit whilst there.

San Pedro and Caye Caulker are two of its main islands that are also popular for tropical vacations. If you’re into diving, definitely consider Belize, as you’ll have access to the second-largest coral reef in the world: Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Belize’s average temperatures in September range from 75° to 90° Fahrenheit, so plan to spend some time in the stunning waters and on the beach.

4. Oahu, Hawaii

Average September Temp
70°F – 85°F

Tomasfoto / DepositPhotos

Oahu is one of Hawaii’s most visited islands, along with Maui and Kauai. Hawaii’s capital, Honolulu, is located in Oahu, as is Hawaii’s famous Waikiki beach. Oahu is also the easiest island to get to, and therefore can be the most affordable, as most visitors must fly into Honolulu.

Known for its beaches and stunning scenery, as well as its history, nightlife, and cuisine, Oahu is a tropical vacation that has it all. Even more, temperatures in September are around 70° to 85° Fahrenheit, so if you’re looking to vacation in the United States, this is a great place to do so.

5. Barbados

Average Sept. Air Temp
75°F – 90°F

phb.cz / DepositPhotos

Another beautiful island in the Caribbean is Barbados, an independent British commonwealth nation located in the eastern Caribbean. Barbados is a popular tropical vacation destination, especially known for its British cultural influences. It’s quite common to watch a game of cricket or sip on some afternoon tea while in Barbados.

Even more, it has beautiful beaches and waters, as well as a lot of history and culture to see when you’re there. September temperatures range from 75° to 90° Fahrenheit. While it can be rainy, the rain comes in short spurts and definitely won’t ruin your vacation.

6. Seychelles

Average Sept. Air Temp
75°F – 90°F

Christian Cacciamani / Unsplash

Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa, is an archipelago of 115 islands. With 115 islands, you can definitely find a place that’s right for your tropical vacation.

As a whole, the archipelago is known for its beaches, unique coral reefs, nature reserves, and various rare animals. If you’re lucky, you may spot the giant Aldabra tortoise or white fairy tern! In September, average temperatures tend to be between 75° and 90° Fahrenheit, so you can get your tropical on.

7. Bali

Average Sept. Air Temp
70°F – 90°F

Alfiano Sutianto / Unsplash

Bali is one of Indonesia’s most well-known and highly-visited islands, year-round. Known for its special forested volcanic mountains, rice paddies, beaches, coral reefs, and Balinese culture, Bali truly is the island that has it all.

Whether you want to spend your days hiking, soaking up the sun, or embracing the food scene, Bali is never the wrong answer. Its average temperatures range from 70°to 90° Fahrenheit in September, so pack a swimsuit and a change of clothes so you’re ready to take on whatever activities the day brings you.

8. Fiji

Average Sept. Air Temp
70°F – 80°F

mvaligursky / DepositPhotos

Located in the South Pacific Ocean is Fiji, a country to the northeast of Australia. Fiji is an archipelago comprised of over 333 picture-perfect islands. While each island has so much to offer, our favorites are Mamanuca Islands, Qalito Islands, and Mana Island.

Known for its coral reefs, clear lagoons, and rugged palm-lined landscapes, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Fiji. Average temperatures in September range from 70° to 80° Fahrenheit, so you’ll be more than comfortable spending all day outside.

9. Tahiti

Average Sept. Air Temp
65°F – 80°F

Maridav / Shutterstock

Located in between Australia and South America is Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia. Tahiti is divided into two islands: Tahiti Nui (western side) and Tahiti Iti (eastern side). As Tahiti Nui is larger, it tends to attract more tourists year-round. Tahiti has unique black-sand beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, and not one, but two extinct volcanoes.

It is the perfect tropical destination for adventurers who also like to relax in the sun. September is a perfect time to visit, as temperatures range from 65° to 80° Fahrenheit, so you can spend time exploring the landscape and swimming on the beach.

10. Gran Canaria, Spain

Average Sept. Air Temp
60°F – 70°F

Bareta / DepositPhotos

One of Spain’s beautiful Canary Islands is Gran Canaria, an island located to the northwest of Africa. Gran Canaria is a unique island, and it is well-known for its black lava and white-sand beaches.

It is a popular tourist destination for Europeans in the summer, so if you’re looking to get away from the crowds, check it out in September. The average temperatures range from 60° to 70° Fahrenheit, so expect to spend some time doing activities on this tropical island.

11. Sardinia, Italy

Average Sept. Air Temp
70°F – 80°F

Massimo Virgilio / Unsplash

Just west of Italy’s mainland is Sardinia, an Italian island located in the Mediterranean Sea. This large, stunning island has a beautiful coast, with turquoise waters and sandy beaches.

If you wander inwards, you’ll find mountainous landscapes perfect for hiking. Sardinia is filled with both culture and beauty, making it the perfect place for a September tropical vacation. Even more, September temperatures are usually around 70° to 80° Fahrenheit!

12. Bora Bora

Average Sept. Air Temp
70°F – 80°F

Juancat / ShutterStock

If French Polynesia is calling your name, consider heading to Bora Bora, a unique island north of Tahiti. If you want to scuba dive in stunning turquoise lagoons protected by a coral reef, book your trip immediately.

Bora Bora is a great option for those of you who want to get a little fancy at a luxury resort. You can definitely spend your time at the beach (or by the pool!), as September temperatures range from 70° to 80° Fahrenheit.

13. Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Average Sept. Air Temp
70°F – 75°F

mvaligursky / DepositPhotos

The Cook Islands are a group of 15 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. Consider heading to the largest one, Rarotonga, for your September tropical vacation.

Popular for scuba diving and snorkeling in its lagoons and coral reefs, Rarotonga is also home to volcanoes and rainforest for those of you who want to hike. The island that has it all? Yep, Rarotonga. Even better, September temperatures average at 70° to 75° Fahrenheit, so you can be fairly confident that you’ll get the sun you need.

14. Perhentian Islands

Average Sept. Air Temp
75°F – 90°F

Nur Athirah Hamzah / Unsplash

Located off the eastern coast of Malaysia are the Perhentian Islands, with two main islands (Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil). We’d recommend checking one of those two out if you’ve never been, as they are great starting points to experiencing the islands!

These islands are known for snorkeling and diving, as they are home to amazing marine life such as the clownfish, giant sea turtles, and more. September can get hot in the Perhentian Islands, with temperatures ranging from 75° to 90° Fahrenheit.

15. Whitsunday Islands

Average Sept. Air Temp
65°F – 80°F

Marcel Wiemers / Unsplash

Last but not least are Australia’s beautiful Whitsunday Islands, a group of 74 islands located between northeast Australia (Queensland) and the Great Barrier Reef.

Access to the Great Barrier Reef gives the Whitsunday Islands amazing marine wildlife and stunning views. And, between the 74 islands, you can surely find a spot that fits the vacation you’re looking for! September is Australia’s springtime, so temperatures range from 65° to 80° Fahrenheit.

As you can see, there is no shortage of tropical vacation options for your September getaway.

Whether you venture to the South Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, or the Mediterranean, you really can’t go wrong. There is no wrong time to take a tropical vacation!