Welcome to Tropikaia

My obsession with tropical destinations started at a young age.

My family would travel to Caribbean destinations when I was on my school breaks.

I’ve traveled to…

As I got older, we started taking fewer family vacations, but I still had a burning desire to travel. 

I started sharing beautiful tropical destinations on our Instagram account.

It was my way of mentally traveling to these tropical destinations.

We now have an incredible community of tropical travelers, which got me thinking…

Why don’t we create a unique resource for tropical destinations?

So, I started Tropikaia in 2017

One of our best articles is written by my good friend, Benjamin Bryant.

He’s been to over 25 Maldives resorts. (Yes, I’m serious). Read the full Maldives travel guide here.

I don’t want Tropikaia to be just another travel site.

The mission is simple. Create a helpful resource for tropical traveling.

Our Best Work