Welcome to Tropikaia

Well, where do I start?

My obsession with tropical destinations started at a young age.

My family would travel to Caribbean destinations when I was on my school breaks.

I’ve traveled to…

You can clearly see my love for the beach in the photo below 😂

As I got older, we started taking fewer family vacations, but I still had a burning desire to travel. 

Around high school, I started the Instagram accounts…

It was my way of mentally traveling to these tropical destinations.

Running those Instagram accounts felt repetitive, and I didn’t feel like I was helping anyone.

So I decided to stop and give them away. I don’t run those accounts anymore.

But I still loved tropical destinations and built a network of incredible tropical travelers, which got me thinking…

Why don’t I create a unique resource for tropical destinations?

As a result, I started Tropikaia.

I still haven’t been to a lot of the tropical destinations on my bucket list (working on it)

But I know quite a few people that have, for example…

My good friend, Benjamin Bryant whose been to over 15 Maldives resorts.

So, I partnered up with him and created this ultimate Maldives travel guide.

My point is…

If I can’t travel to a certain tropical destination, I collab with others that have actually been there.

I don’t want Tropikaia to be another travel website.

I want it to be a helpful and unique resource on tropical destinations.

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