7 Beautiful Overwater Bungalows In Indonesia

Updated: August 16, 2022 | Overwater Bungalows

You’re looking for beautiful overwater bungalows in Indonesia, right?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of the best overwater bungalows in Indonesia, so you don’t have to spend hours researching.

Bawah Reserve

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Best for: Honeymooners / Couples
Location: Anambas Archipelago, Indonesia
Number of Overwater Bungalows: 11

overwater bungalows indonesia
Bawah Reserve

Getting there: You’ll have to fly to Singapore, where a private limousine will pick you up. From there, you’ll take an 80min seaplane ride to access Bawah.

The Bawah Reserve is spread across…

Located about 130 nautical miles from Singapore, Bawah was founded in 2012 as a rescue mission from illegal dynamite fishing.

The founders made it their mission to protect the area by making it a marine conservation area. There’s no fishing allowed on the reserve.

Sustainable luxury is a good definition of what Bawah is all about.

Bottom Line
If you’re looking for a high-end secluded tropical vacation, all while helping conserve the environment, Bawah is a fantastic choice.

Papua Paradise

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Location: Birie Island – Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Papua Paradise

Getting there: You will have to fly into Sorong, from Jakarta or Singapore. From Sorong, there is a flat rate boat fee of around $180. The boat ride is about two hours from the Sorong port.

Located on Birie Island (in the heart of Raja Ampat), Papua Paradise Eco Resort is an idyllic diving destination for ocean lovers. The resort is nestled in the most biodiverse ocean system in the world and offers vacationers the unique opportunity to swim through pristine coral reefs.

More adventurous types may even have a rare encounter with an endangered Dugong, also known as a “sea cow”. 

This eco-resort combines sustainability and luxury into something uniquely beautiful. Its rustic overwater villas are built in the traditional Indonesian style and use natural materials to create an elevated cultural experience.


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Location: Misool Island – Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Getting there: Fly to Sorong Airport which is located in West Papua, Indonesia. From there you’ll take a boat to Misool, which will take about 3.5-4 hours.

If you’ve been dreaming of a remote tropical island far from any trace of civilization, Misool delivers spectacularly. This resort is tucked away in a secluded archipelago of islands within Raja Ampat, Indonesia. If its isolation hasn’t already sold you, Misool has its own marine reserve that protects the local ocean life.

Around Misool you’ll find ten times more marine species than that of the Caribbean.

And a visit to these incredibly rich coral reefs helps to protect them through the resort’s innovative initiatives.

Contributing to environmental sustainability while vacationing in luxury is truly an eco-travelers dream come true. 

Telunas Private Island

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Location: The Riau Islands, Indonesia

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Telunas Private Island

Getting there: If you’re visiting from Singapore, then you can take a ferry to access the resort. However, if you’re flying international, then your best bet is to fly into Hang Nadim Airport. From there, you can take a 45min taxi to a ferry terminal which will then take you to Telunas.

Telunas Private Island is located on the beautiful Riau islands of Indonesia, just a stone’s throw away from Singapore. Their luxurious overwater villas offer a five-star stay and breathtaking views of the surrounding azure seas. Whether you’re looking for a bit of pampering or an unforgettable adventure, Telunas has it all. 

The resort is an experience-packed destination for travelers of all interests. For a touch of relaxation, guests can unwind at Telunas’ renowned spa that’s suspended over the water. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, kayaking trips, jungle hikes, and other outdoor activities are plentiful.

And for foodies, Telunas’ restaurants deftly blend Western and Asian cuisine into one of the finest culinary experiences in the region. 

Pulocinta Eco Resort

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Location: Gorontalo Province, Indonesia

indonesia over water villas
Pulocinta Eco Resort

Getting there: Take a flight to Menado and connect to Jalaluddin Airport via domestic airlines. Then take a 2-hour car ride to Boalemo Harbour. Finally, a 30-minute boat ride will get you to Pulocinta

Located on Celebes, or the “Island of Spices”, Pulocinta Eco Resort has an abundance of exotic sights, sounds and smells for the intrepid traveler to take in. This small island destination is found within the Tomni Gulf, just north of Indonesia, and has a rich history that’s perfect for culturally hungry guests.

Previously serving as a spice trade port for the Dutch, this region is packed with remnants from days passed.  Guests can pass the time with excellent diving and snorkeling through pristine coral reefs during the day and dreamy stargazing in the evenings.

Just as Prince Gorontalo and the daughter of a Dutch trader escaped to Celebes to be together, so too can modern-day romantics find refuge at this breath-taking destination.

Doberai Eco Resort

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Location: Doberai Private Island – Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Doberai Eco Resort

Getting there: Fly into Sorong Airport and take a 15min taxi to Sorong Harbor. From there you’ll take a 2-hour ferry to Waisai (Capital of Raja Ampat). The resort’s speedboat will then pick you up at Waisai Harbor for a final 25min ride to the resort.

For a taste of true Indonesian hospitality, Doberai Eco Resort is a superb choice. The resort is owned and run by locals and prides itself on delivering authentic Indonesian accommodation. Found in Raja Ampat, Doberai is surrounded by some of the best, most biodiverse dive sites in the world. On land, untouched rainforests are just waiting to be explored by adventurous guests.  

While Doberai’s surroundings are quite wild, its amenities are certainly not. Visitors can enjoy the unique and delicious flavors of local dishes that are only found in this corner of the world. If you’re looking for an authentic cultural experience and true island getaway, Doberai Eco Resort is the place to go.

Maratua Paradise Resort

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Location: Maratua Island, Indonesia

indonesia huts over water
Maratua Paradise Resort

Getting there: Fly into Balikpapan (BPN) and then to Berau (BEJ). Take a taxi to Berau jetty, where you can finally take a boat to Maratua Island.

Maratua Paradise Resort is situated on a stunning coral atoll off the East coast of Borneo. Surrounded by an ocean that boasts the third-highest biodiversity of any marine area on Earth, visitors have no shortage of beauty to explore. At Maratua, nature-loving guests can swim alongside hundreds of tropical species. 

In addition to diving opportunities, the resort offers dolphin and whale shark spotting excursions that bring guests up close and personal to the ocean’s most magnificent creatures. A turtle spotting station is also on-site, and sightings of turtles occur almost daily. All told, visitors at Maratua have unparalleled access to a truly untouched tropical paradise. 

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