Yacht Island Design of Your Dreams (Portable Island)

by Billy | Updated: November 5, 2019

Some people enjoy going on cruises to tropical destinations…

While others would rather be in the same place their whole vacation.

But, what if you could combine a cruise and tropical island all in one…

That’s exactly what the UK company, Yacht Island Design created with its island yacht concept.

The yacht includes…

yacht island design
Yacht Island Design

There’s a waterfall that pours from the top of the volcano, creating a breathtaking view from the owner’s suite.

If you look close enough, you’ll be able to see two decks that are built into the volcano.

These two decks are part of the owner’s suite. The guest cabanas are nestled right next to the swimming pool.

Yacht Island Design
Yacht Island Design

The rear deck doubles as a helicopter pad and viewing deck, accessed from the owner’s suite.

And don’t even get us started on the interior of this yacht, which includes…

Yacht Island Design

And if you want to get closer to sea level to get a more intimate experience with the ocean, then there’s a deployable beach deck.

Two cabanas and an area for water sport activities, this company has covered it all.

Yacht Island Design

So, the question you’re probably wondering…

How realistic is this concept?

Everyone’s burning question…

Will it ever actually become a reality? Is it a hoax?

For right now, it’s just a concept.

It actually reminds us of the Fiji underwater hotel that Triton Submarines created.

If I had to guess…

I’d say it was just a genius way of marketing their company.

I mean, just think of it like this…

These design companies create a spectacular concept that seems impossible to execute.

Online news outlets pick it up because it attracts a lot of clicks.

People start sharing these articles and BOOM…

The concept goes massively viral.

Making it a major win for the companies that create these concepts.

It gets more eyes to their website, which more than likely turns into more revenue.

But, we can only hope that one day this yacht design becomes a reality. It’s important to note that on their website, they say…

“We can create your very own bespoke yacht island using a similar process, and make your dreams become a reality. Contact us to create your ideal paradise!”

So that seems promising that this concept can become real.

It just needs someone who has the funds.

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