25 Unique Tropical Home Decor Products You’ll Love

by Billy | Updated: October 23, 2019

You’re searching for tropical home decor for your living space, right?

Look, we get it…

It can be a real struggle finding those unique tropical decor pieces that set your home apart from the rest.

So, after spending many hours searching the internet, we’ve compiled 25 unique tropical home decor products that you’ll love.

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Tropical Wall Art

1. Ocean Wall Art

Check out the ocean wall art (Etsy)

tropical home decor ideas

2. Tropical Wall Art

Check out the tropical wall art (Etsy)

tropical decor for home

3. Blue Crab Wall Art

Check out the crab wall art (Etsy)

home decor tropical

4. Tropical Abstract Print

Check out the Abstract Print

tropical decor home

5. Monstera Wooden Wall Art

Check out the Wall Art (Etsy)

This monstera leaf set will make you feel as if your room has been turned into a tropical hut. You’ll get five gorgeous pieces – two big leaves and three small sprigs. These laser-cut works of art are made of oak plywood that has been stained a stunning dark walnut color. 

6. Tropical Digital Prints

Check out the Prints (Etsy)

Want a quick and easy way to add some greenery and a touch of paradise to a room? Reach for these nature-inspired prints. This set of three prints showcases lovely watercolor artwork featuring monstera, Areca palm, and banana leaves.

They come in small and medium sizes so you can add a bit of flair to your room, or large prints so you can turn them into statement pieces.

7. Palm Leaf Wall Decals

Check out the Decals (Etsy)

With these colorful palm leaf decals, you can make a small area of interest on a wall, or you can cover the whole thing in a pleasing pattern for a magnificent accent wall.

You can space them close together or further apart, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Your guests will think you paid top dollar for a time-consuming paint job.

8. Custom Pineapple Sign

Check out the Sign (Etsy)

Want to show your whimsical side to your guests? Are you looking for the perfect exterior sign to showcase your house number at your beachfront home?

Hang this juicy-looking sign at your residence – it works indoors or outdoors. You have three sizes to choose from, and you can select which powder coat finish you want. 

Tropical Furniture

9. IKEA Jungle Palm Chair Cover

Check out the Chair Covers (Etsy)

tropical chair covers

Turn that drab, old seat into a statement piece with this eye-catching palm chair cover. This cover, which will work indoor or outdoor and fits many styles of chairs, will transform the look of your room.

You won’t be on vacation, but you’ll feel like you are every time you catch a glimpse of the vibrant palm pattern. 

10. Tropical Dresser Decal

Check out the Dresser Decal (Etsy)

tropical dresser decal

Give your bedroom an exotic, tropical feel with these lovely floral decals. With these easy-to-apply decals, you can turn your ordinary-looking dresser into something special that will make you smile every time you look at it.

These can be reapplied several times without affecting their adhesiveness. They can also be removed without impacting the surface of your dresser.

An easy and affordable way to bring some tropical vibes into your bedroom.

11. Leaf Print Toddler Swing

Check out the Toddler Swing (Etsy)

This gorgeous indoor/outdoor toddler swing will be the envy of all the parents in your neighborhood. It’s incredibly easy to put together and hang, you’ll have your baby swinging in no time.

With a weight limit of 55 pounds, your baby will get years of use out of this leafy delight. When the weather is nice, place it outside so you and your baby can pretend you’re feeling an ocean breeze.

Tropical Bedroom Home Decor

12. Tropical Leaf Bedding

Check out the Bedding (Etsy)

Open your bedroom windows at night and let the gentle breeze make you think you’re in the tropics with this gorgeous leaf bedding. This handmade bedding set comes in a range of sizes from twin to king.

It will turn your bed into the focal point of your room while blending effortlessly with all types of other tropical home decor. 

13. Palm Leaves Bed Runner

Check out the Bed Runner (Etsy)

If you want a pop of pizzazz for your bedroom without committing to a new bedspread, this stunning bed runner is perfect for giving you that vacation vibe.

You can whip it out on special occasions or always keep it on your bed to turn your bedroom into your own tropical oasis. 

14. Palm Leaf Throw Blanket

Check out the Blanket (Etsy)

The various greens in this banana leaf throw blanket give it a depth you and your guests will be sure to love. Made of cotton, it’s fantastic for providing a bit of warmth on a cool night, but still breathable enough to be comfortable.

Since it’s machine washable, it will be low maintenance, so you can spend your time on other things – like planning your next vacation or adventure. 

15. Tropical Crib Bedding

Check out the Bedding (Etsy)

This gender-neutral crib sheet allows you to introduce your two loves – your baby and the tropics. Whether you’re going for a coastal or safari theme for your baby’s nursery, this crib sheet will look amazing.

It pairs beautifully with all cribs, whether they’re light or dark wood, or painted white. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in that nursery, so you might as well make it gorgeous!

16. Banana Leaf Pillow Cover

Check out the Pillow Cover (Etsy)

If you can’t afford to spend a lot of money but want to change the look of your bedroom or living room, these banana leaf pillows might be just the solution for your decorating dilemma.

Made from an indoor/outdoor fabric, this bright pillow will work equally well on a deck or your couch. 

17. Palm Pillow Cover

Check out the Pillow Cover (Etsy)

This tropical palm tree pillowcase can be used indoor or outdoor. The sturdy, vibrant fabric can weather the sun, wind, and rain, just like a real palm tree. It is stain-resistant and durable, but still comfortable.

It has an invisible zipper enclosure on the bottom of the pillow, so no one will be able to tell it’s a pillowcase. 

18. Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Check out the Wallpaper (Etsy)

This wallpaper will create a stunning accent wall in your house, turning any room into a relaxing, tropical paradise.

Easy to apply, the earth-friendly wallpaper can be repositioned as many times as it takes for you to achieve the look you want. It won’t leave any residue once it is removed. 

Tropical Bathroom Home Decor

19. Palm Tree Bathroom Decor

Check out the bathroom decor (Etsy)

20. Banana Leaf Shower Curtain

Check out the shower curtain (Etsy)

21. Golden Leaf Coasters

Check out Liza’s Instagram

These are easily the coolest beach coasters we’ve ever come across. They’re custom made by the artist, Liza Vaughn – in fact, she doesn’t have an Etsy store and only does custom orders.

You can either direct message her on her Instagram or email her: lizavaughn143@gmail.com

A beautiful tropical home decor piece to add to your space.

22. Tropical Leaf Coasters

Check out the Coasters (Etsy)

Impress your guests by paying attention to the small details that can have a big impact on the overall feel of a room. These coasters will stand out, whether featured on a deck, patio, sunroom, or a private bar.

These are fashionable, thick, and durable. Even children won’t mind using these coasters with their bright colors and fun shapes.

23. Tropical Serving Board

Check out Jenny’s Art (Etsy)

Let the blue water, waves, and sandy beach featured on this work of art stun all your visitors.

This serving board would be an eye-catching centerpiece to feature on a table at a backyard luau or an understated, but classy, way to showcase your snacks at your next small gathering. 

24. Pineapple Napkin/Sponge Holder

Check out the Holder (Etsy)

This gorgeous piece of pottery is sure to draw some comments from friends who visit your house, and it would make an excellent gift for anyone with a tropical-themed room or beach house.

Featuring pretty hues of blue and green that weave well together, this pineapple is a standout home decoration. 

25. Tropical Tablecloth

Check out the Tablecloths (Etsy)

To turn an ordinary day into a special occasion, you can add this tropical tablecloth to your dinner setting. This cotton linen tablecloth is also a great choice for a table on your patio as you enjoy a cocktail with your friends after a long workweek.

It radiates an upscale look that will make you feel as if you’re a thousand miles away from your usual routine.