Everything To Know About Swim-Up Rooms

Updated: March 18, 2020 | Swim-Up Rooms

Swim-up rooms are a different type of luxury accommodation that you should experience at least once in your lifetime.

We noticed many people haven’t heard about this type of accommodation style and have many questions.

In this article, we answer the most commonly asked questions bout swim-up rooms.

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What is a swim-up room?

swim-up rooms
Breathless Resort Montego Bay

A swim-up room will have water (similar to a canal), in front of it that connects with the main pool area. The water-facing side of the room will have a porch area that transitions directly into the pool.

And of course, they have a front side entrance so you can easily bring your luggage in.

Some rooms even have an extended shallow area with loungers to relax in.

In most cases, the swim area will normally connect to a swim-up bar. There are even second-floor rooms that have swim-up access via a set of stairs.

Are swim-up rooms safe?

Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay

Swim-up rooms are normally shallow so they are safe to swim in. Many of them are also equipped with safety gates for children. In most cases, these swim-up resorts are strictly adult-only for safety reasons. Some hotels will not allow you to book a swim-up room with an infant.

Most people that are requesting these types of rooms are couples that want to relax without having children screaming in the distance.

But for the resorts that are family-friendly, they are safe for kids as long as you know they’re strong swimmers. You’ll just have to pay a little more attention than you normally would.

Are swim-up rooms worth it?

Iberostar Grand Bavaro

Swim-up rooms give you the opportunity to cool off without having to travel around the hotel grounds to go for a swim. This convenience is a main reason why they’re so popular. Having the ability to wake up, brew some coffee and take a refreshing dip without leaving your room is an incredible experience.

So, yes they are worth it. But, realistically it’s all going to depend on your personal preferences.

There are hotels that are built around providing swim-up rooms, and you should look into the various options.

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If you want the full swim-up experience, be sure to specify that you would like a ground floor swim-up room.

Finding the right one can make your vacation one to remember. These types of rooms are definitely a must-try for any tropical vacation.

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