Best Pink Sand Beaches in Greece

by Billy | Updated: May 11, 2019

Searching for a pink sand beach in Greece?

I don’t blame you, the crystal clear Mediterranean waters, contrasting against pink sand is a beautiful scene.

So, where exactly are these pink beaches located?

Here’s a list of the best pink sand beaches in Greece.

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1. Balos Lagoon

Location: Crete, Greece

pink sand beach greece
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First on the list of pink sand beaches, is Balos Lagoon, which is located at the northwest corner of Crete.

The pink sands at their brightest color make for one of the most picturesque locations in the world. 

Balos Lagoon is a beautiful place to swim, and at certain times, the water gets trapped, forming mini shallow pools. These pools are so shallow, that the sun makes them feel like a natural hot spring.

In addition, Cape Tigani, which is an inlet in this area (it’s quite rocky), is a great place to explore. This is especially true for anyone who is looking for a gorgeous view of the beach from slightly above. 

To get to this peninsula, you may need to wade through the water at high tide, but at most times, you can simply walk across the sand bars.

2. Elafonsi Beach

Location: Crete, Greece

Pink sand at Elafonsi Beach, Greece
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Elafonisi is a city that is located on a large island off of the southern tip of the Peloponnesian peninsula.

The pink sands are formed from tiny pink shells that line the seafloor in this area. The beach is not always pink, but when it is, it’s breathtaking.

This is an area that can easily be reached from the mainland because of how shallow the water is; in fact, this shallow water is one of the main reasons that this is a great location to bring small children to play.

Sandro Pavlov / Shutterstock

The beach is roughly about a mile long, with plenty of coves to explore and interesting rock formations to look at. 

Slightly north of the beach, the Chrysoskalitisa monastery can be found on a high rock that allows you to look down at the beach below.

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Honorable Mention

3. Red Beach

Location: Santorini, Greece

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Although the Red Beach isn’t quite a pink sand beach, I wanted to include it since it’s a pretty unique beach.

As the name implies, the sands on the beach are red, which comes from a volcanic rock that is in the sea. The color comes from the small pebbles that break from the rock.

The beach is also positioned near a steep red hill that is breathtaking. However, it has been known for landslides, so you’ll want to be aware of this.

The beach is actually located on Santorini, which is located in southern Crete. On the northern side of this beach, you will find that it is nudist-friendly, but most people prefer to wear some type of swimwear.

If you enjoy visiting different types of beaches across the world, then Greece is a great place.

Now that you’re aware of the pink sand beaches in Greece, what’re you waiting for?!

Add these to your bucket list and get out there.