This Ocean Photography Will Leave You Speechless

By Billy | Updated: January 28, 2019

Any ocean lover knows, there’s this indescribable feeling when you’re by or in the ocean.

Meet, Jordan Robins, a 24-year old photographer from Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia who captures that feeling, perfectly.

Jordan grew up near the beach and whether he was surfing, snorkeling or fishing, he’s always been in-love with the ocean.

But, once he picked up a camera, he found his true passion.

Fast forward and he’s been recognized worldwide for his unique approach to ocean photography, even being published by National Geographic Online.

His favorite type of shots are the “over under” photos, which are split, half underwater and half of the outside world. Let’s take a look at a few of his “over unders”…

Pretty incredible… huh?

Besides shooting these beautiful “over unders”, Jordan also captures all kinds of ocean photography.

From full underwater shots to marine life, he does it all.

Jordan hopes that his photography can bring attention to how fragile the ocean’s environment is and the need for preservation.

If you want to see more of Jordan’s photography, go ahead and follow him on his Instagram (@jordan_robins) or Facebook.

He also has prints for sale on his website here – and can ship them anywhere in the world.

Support a great cause and get a beautiful piece of art – a win, win.