Dreamy Maldives Underwater Hotel (Look Inside)

Updated: February 5, 2019 | Bucketlist

Just when you thought the Maldives couldn’t get any more perfect…

Think again.

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So, let’s start with…

Where is the Maldives underwater hotel located?

It’s located on Rangali Island, Maldives.

The Conrad Maldives offers an incredibly luxurious villa that has a whole floor immersed 16 feet underwater.

maldives underwater hotel muraka
Conrad Maldives

The villa comes with…

During sunset, the controllable lights surrounding the villa turn on and give you a clear view of the ocean.

underwater hotel maldives
Conrad Maldives
maldives underwater hotel images
Conrad Maldives

You not only get an unobstructed view of the marine life from anywhere in the bedroom but also in the bathroom.

underwater hotel maldives
Conrad Maldives
underwater hotel maldives
Conrad Maldives

The surface level consists of two bedrooms, one of which is faced towards the pool deck.

Even though you get an entire ocean’s worth of view you can still take it a step further by sliding the glass walls open to take in the refreshing Indian Ocean breeze.

underwater hotel maldives
Conrad Maldives

It accommodates a maximum of three children and six adults, so start gathering your squad.

Isn’t this underwater hotel an absolute dream?!

Well, only if you’re not claustrophobic…

And if just staying in this villa wasn’t enough…

They even have an underwater restaurant, called the Ithaa.

Constructed similarly to the Muraka villa, you’ll have a true underwater experience.

underwater hotel maldives
Conrad Maldives

So, now you’re probably wondering…

How much does the Maldives underwater hotel cost?

Well, it’s not cheap, to say the least. It all depends on how far ahead you book it and if it’s available.

Typically, if you want to stay there for 4-5 days, it’ll cost you around $50,000. And it could even be more.

Obviously, this hotel caters to the luxury market, but they still have more affordable options.

Accommodations to choose that are much cheaper…

The beach villas are their cheapest options.

Maldives Underwater Hotel (Video)

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