Cuddle With Over 600+ Cats At This Hawaiian Cat Sanctuary

by Billy | Updated: March 6, 2020

This laid-back Hawaiian cat sanctuary is what dreams are made of.

Founded in 2004 by Kathy Carrol, the sanctuary provides medical care, food, and shelter to more than 600 cats. 

In 2009, the cat sanctuary was relocated to its current location on the island of Lanai.

Here’s everything you need to know about this cat sanctuary.

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What Is A Cat Sanctuary?

First, you might not even know what a cat sanctuary even is.

This is a place where homeless cats are sheltered, offered medical care and protected. A sanctuary may also act as a temporary home for a cat until it finds a new adopter.

Such an example is the Lanai cat sanctuary; if you fall in love with a cat, you can adopt it and cover for the transportation costs, so that it can be delivered to your home.

Since 2015, Lanai Cat Sanctuary has rescued over 600 cats. Each cat undergoes a top-notch medical care program, which involves sterilization, medical assessments, and x-ray services done in a high-tech mobile vet clinic.

Where Is The Cat Sanctuary In Hawaii?

Lanai Cat Sanctuary

Located along 1 Kaupili Road in Lanai City, Hawaii. While most roads leading to the Lanai Cat Sanctuary don’t have any street signs, you can easily get there by taking hints from popular landmarks.

To get to the sanctuary, take the second dirt road on your left as you are driving from the airport and look for a big rock marker written Kaunolu. From there, take a left-turn and look for a gate located on the right side of the road. 

Choose your preferred means of transportation: Lanai car rentals and Lanai cheap Jeep rentals are always at your disposal if you need a private method.

If you’re looking for something cheaper, you can opt for Lanai shuttle services and Lanai personalized taxi services.

The Story of Lanai Cat Sanctuary

Back in 2004, Kathy Caroll with the support of her husband started the organization by sterilizing street cats.

They took further steps to shelter wild cats, which were a threat to the island’s endangered bird species such as Hawaiian Petrel, Hawaiian Coot, and Hawaiian Stilt.

Kathy’s motivation and activism fueled the organization back in the day.

Keoni Vaughn joined the organization in 2014 as the executive director and established a medical program that focuses on each cat individually by flying in veterinaries into the island every two weeks for medical assessment. In 2019, Joe Adarna joined the sanctuary’s team as the sanctuary manager. 

Is Lanai Cat Sanctuary Hiring?

A large part of this sanctuary has been improved by professionals who have been a part of the team since 2014, however, the sanctuary is looking to hire an ambassador and a meowy caregiver to make it grander.

Both positions can be temporary, part-time, or full-time. While the sanctuary ambassador will be in charge of giving tours, the meowy caregiver is expected to clean and feed the kittens.

The sanctuary has its gates wide-open to volunteers. Depending on your schedule, you can choose to help for a few hours or the whole day.

Internships are offered to Oahu University students looking to learn a thing or two about cats. Students can provide support in fundraising, website development, communications, social media, and normal operations.

What Fun Activities Can You Participate In?

Lanai Cat Sanctuary

A getaway to Lanai Sanctuary can be a calm retreat or an amusing destination surrounded by amazing creatures. From the different bird species to the beautiful cats also known as the ‘Lanai lions’, this is a fun-filled haven with expansive space enough to accommodate events.

In 2016, the first wedding ceremony was hosted in the sanctuary and it was a success.

The sanctuary’s pure haven environment with a low-key yet sophisticated vibe is also perfect for picnics.       

How Can You Adopt A Cat?

Adoption can be done in two ways:

In the second option, an adoption certificate will be issued and you will receive regular pictures of the cat’s progress.

Any financial support offered will be used to maintain the cat’s health and general upkeep.

How Can You Help?

Lanai Cat Sanctuary is fully supported by donations from big-hearted individuals. On a daily basis, each cat needs about 25 lbs of cat food, which is flown into the island. A $25 donation can feed more than 100 cats in a single day.

That’s not all… with $1 a day, you can sponsor a cat for a whole year and receive regular upkeep photos of your sponsored cat.

Visit their website to choose the cat you want to sponsor.