19 Best Travel Gifts For Her (Complete Gift Guide)

by Billy | Updated: November 1, 2019

Whether it’s the holidays, her birthday or another special occasion, these travel gifts are perfect.

There are a lot of lists out there, but these travel accessories will be a gift that she actually wants.

Here are the best travel gifts for her.

P.S. We also put together an article on the best travel gifts for him.

Personalized Passport Holder

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personalized passport holder

Searching for your passport moments before you go through TSA is a hassle.

That’s why this personalized passport holder is a great addition.

There are also pockets to hold any essential cards (Credit/Debit Cards, Medical Info or Driver’s License).

These come in a few color variations, so pick the best that suit’s her.

Why this Passport Holder?

Personalized Travel Journal

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best travel gifts for her

It’s one thing to reminisce about the beautiful memories you made while vacationing…

But it’s another thing when you can read exactly how you felt that day.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a good writer, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you can have memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Why this travel journal?

Lonely Planet’s Travel Guides

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maldives travel guide

Traveling to a new destination can be overwhelming.

After booking your flights, accommodation and figuring out what to pack, the last thing you want to do is spend hours researching the destination.

And how do you know if the information you’re reading is accurate?

That’s why Lonely Planet’s Travel Guides are so useful.

Why Lonely Planet’s Travel Guides?

Collapsible Travel Bottle

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collapsible travel water bottle

Staying hydrated while traveling is essential to your health.

We’d be here all day if I was going to list out the benefits of being hydrated.

This collapsible travel bottle is a unique design that’ll save you space.

It even comes with a clip so you can easily attach it to your carryon.

Why this Travel Bottle?

Personalized Duffle Bag

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weekend personalized duffle bag

This duffle bag carry on is a great gift to get her for traveling.

Traveling with personalized luggage guarantees instant chic.

This weekender bag holds everything she needs for a quick getaway. 

And speaking of getaways, easy group customization makes it a perfect bridesmaid gift for a destination wedding.

Not to mention a bachelorette treat for a weekend of fun.

Why this Duffle Bag?

Personalized Push Pin World Map

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Some of her favorite memories are the journeys she’s taken.

Commemorate every memorable step with a world map, placing a pin on each destination traveled or bucket list dreams.

Customize with her favorite inspirational travel quotes.

Relive memories of solo expeditions and travels together with every glance.

Why this World Map?

National Park Scratch Off Map

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For the nature lover, you love.

This US National Park map is covered in thin foil that scratches away to reveal the national parks she’s crossed off her list.

Resolve to have more adventures with a motivating quote or simple personalization.

Remember each awe-inspiring moment as you uncover paths traveled.

Why this National Park map?

Personalized Camera Leather Strap

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Her photographs document her journeys’ every moment be they hilarious or profound.

From the top of Notre Dame to the carnival by the sea, she’s captured it all.

Now the gift of a monogrammed leather camera strap can help her perfect her art in sophisticated comfort.

So her window to the world is just as original as she is.

Why this Personalized Camera Strap?

World Map Bracelet

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The feeling of wanderlust never really goes away.

Even when she’s homebound, this sterling silver bracelet catches the eye, reminding her of what’s still waiting to be explored.

She can mix and match with her favorite pieces or wear it as a single reminder of limitless destinations.

Because nothing can ever dull her sparkle.

Why this bracelet?

Hoodie Travel Pillow

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You value her comfort above everything.

And sometimes what makes her comfortable is screening out the world.

This travel pillow will cushion her every contour with neck support that feels custom made.

While the hoodie creates her own little cocoon till she can spread her wings again.

Why this Travel Pillow?

Simplistic Airplane Hat

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A simple baseball hat can express who you are and what you love.

This modest hat with a subtle embroidered airplane divulges her true passion without screaming it out loud.

All while staying true to her practical nature with a lightweight fabric that’s easy to pack.

For your understated, no-nonsense traveler who offers just a glimpse of her soul.

Why this airplane hat?

Personalized Tropical Beach Towel

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She’ll never have to search out her towel on a crowded beach again.

This lux towel comes in a tropical leaf print with multiple options for colors, fonts, and monogramming.

Perfect for a honeymooning bride to flaunt her new surname or for a group of poolside bachelorettes.

Warm and cozy so that a passing cloud remains her only concern.

Why this beach towel?

Kenneth Cole Travel Backpack

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Your sophisticated wanderer knows that hands-free travel doesn’t have to come at the expense of elegance.

This trendy Kenneth Cole backpack has a padded pocket to fit most laptops as well as several other pockets for quick access to necessary items.

It also includes a leather trolley strap that fits over most rolling luggage handles, enabling her to stride through busy airports with ease.

Because there are too many places to go to worry about luggage slowing her down.

Why this travel backpack?

USB-Powered Travel Backpack

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Even she admits she’s never without her laptop or phone.

So she’s never disconnected, this fashionable backpack comes with its own USB cable connector.

The roomy interior compartment can hold power source and multiple devices from laptops to phones.

Pockets abound to hold everything she needs…because her Insta followers are just waiting to see where she lands next.

Why this USB-powered backpack?

World Traveler Ring

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When she’s traveling around the world remind her that you’re wrapped around her finger.

This sterling silver ring is shaped in an elegant spiral with an airplane hovering over the planet she never tires of exploring.

Rose gold, silver, or white gold plating can accommodate every taste.

Because a little bling never goes unwelcomed.

Why this ring?

Airpod Headphones

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Apple’s Airpods will sync seamlessly to all her devices with the fastest connection available.

Whether she’s blocking out the world with her own playlist or mastering Mandarin before landing in Shanghai, Airpods deliver the highest quality audio.

All while providing the very best in noise cancellation technology.

And before she can say “Hey Siri” they’ll be charged and ready for the next adventure.

Why Airpod headphones?

Fujifilm Instant-Print Camera

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For the nostalgia-loving lady who needs the instant gratification of the 21st century. 

This Polaroid-style camera prints pictures within minutes.

Also includes sticker frames and, of course, a selfie lens.

Because she can’t let one moment slip away.

Why this instant print camera?

Mobile Phone Waterproof Bag

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Whether she’s snorkeling or skiing, she loves to capture every moment.

But you both know a few phones have been drowned along the way.

This waterproof bag will keep her phone, passport and credit cards dry while still allowing access to the phone’s side buttons. 

Meanwhile, the clear plastic window provides touch screen specificity to check emails or score a selfie with a sea turtle.

Why this waterproof bag?

Noise Cancelling Headphones

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When you care enough to give the very best, only the best name in headphones will do. 

These Bose headphones are renowned for their noise-canceling ability, enabling her to have the best possible listening experience.

Pairing with Bluetooth and Amazon Alexa come standard, offering multiple personalization options.

Because at 30,000 feet, silence can truly be golden.

Why these headphones?

You can rest assured that these are the best travel gifts for her.

You don’t need to do any other searching.