10 Best Snorkeling Beaches In Greece

by Billy | Updated: March 17, 2019

Wondering where you can find the best snorkeling in Greece?

Although there are no shallow coral reefs in Greece, there are still some great beaches with crystal clear water to snorkel.

Water Temperatures in Greece

The water temperatures in Greece aren’t always warm.

Warmest water temperatures between…

August has peak water temperatures, averaging around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Sea Urchins

Another thing to look out for while wading through the waters of Greece is sea urchins. You definitely don’t want to step on one of these, which is why it’s always good to pack a pair of water shoes.

Here are the top 10 beaches for snorkeling in Greece.

10. Avlaki Beach

Location: Corfu, Greece

Avlaki Beach Greece
Nikos Syros / Wikipedia

The first thing you might notice about Avlaki is the pebbly sands and narrow waterway.

It’s a small bay that’s popular with the locals where you can rent a boat for your snorkeling session. If you’re traveling with family and want to stay above the water, then you should consider taking a sailing lesson.

The two taverns that overlook Avlaki are perfect for a lunch or dinner break. 

Avlaki is situated between Kassiopi and Agio Stefanos. You can park just outside the boardwalk that leads directly to the beach. The other option would be to walk down from Kassiopi through the olive groves.

9. Bataria Beach

Location: Corfu, Greece

snorkeling in greece
maczopikczu / Wikipedia

Just imagine crystal blue water and panoramic views of the Albanian Mountains.

Yup, that’s Bataria!

It’s dotted with rocks and vegetation with a pebbled shore of sunbeds. Even though the beach is just a short walk from the village, it’s relatively unpopulated. This makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling and sunbathing.

Just about anywhere you point your camera, you’ll be taking a postcard-worthy picture.

8. Agios Georgios Beach

Location: Corfu, Greece

best snorkeling greece
mabi2000 / Flickr

This is a sprawling sandy beach that’s ideal for all kinds of water activities like…

If you didn’t pack your snorkeling gear, then you’ll find a well-equipped diving school right on the beach. The dive instructors will be able to steer you to the best spots for snorkeling.

They can even take you on a guided tour if you prefer. 

7. Ammoussa Beach

Location: Lefkada, Greece

best places to snorkel in greece
Pavel Rapek / Shutterstock

The cove of Ammoussa Beach is sheltered by long sea walls that keep the winds from churning up too briskly.

The pebble beach leads to the crystalline blue Ionian Sea that’s an ideal area for snorkeling.

A single beach bar will help quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger throughout the day.

You can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas for the day. As with many of the beaches of Greece, Ammoussa is considered remote. It’s a ten-minute drive to the nearest village.

Like a lot of these snorkeling spots mentioned, you could literally have the beach all to yourself. 

6. Erimitis Bay Beach

Location: Paxos, Greece

best place to snorkel in the greek islands
Heracles Kritikos / ShutterStock

Erimitis is situated on the western shore of Paxos. You won’t find a lot of history about Erimitis because it has only been in existence since 2007. It literally just “appeared” because of crumbling cliffs.

Those high white cliffs that surround the beach provide a great sense of isolation. The water just off the shore is deep, creating one of the best spots to snorkel. 

To get there, you’ll have to drive down a remote stretch of road. As that road ends, above the cliffs where you find a narrow trail leading down to the beach.

This is one of the more challenging beaches to get to on this list.

5. Kolymbithres Beach

Location: Paros, Greece

can you snorkel in greece
Pawel Kazmierczak / ShutterStock

At Santorini and Mykonos, you’ll find plenty of tourists day-tripping off of their cruise line vacations.

Paros is part of the same island group but without all the tourists. Here’s where you’ll find Kolymbithres Beach.

It’s really a series of secluded coves all sitting in the shadows of granite rock formations. If you don’t like the cove that you “land on,” then take a trek to find another one. You won’t be disappointed.

You also have to stop at one of the beachside restaurants where the catch of the day should really be called, “catch of just a few hours ago.” 

4. Agiofili Beach

Location: Lefkada, Greece

best snorkeling greece
Balate Dorin / ShutterStock

Near the village of Vassiliki, just south of Lefkada Town is where you’ll discover the white soft sands of Agiofili Beach. It’s nestled by white stone cliffs that add to a sense of seclusion and relaxation.

You can make the trek down from Vassiliki or get dropped off by boat.

You can rent a sunbed and umbrella but that’s just about all you’ll find for amenities. If you plan to stay for a while, pack lunch after you take a break from snorkeling.

3. Rodovani Beach

Location: Corfu, Greece

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If you’re looking for a beach where you can take a long hike along the coast, then you might want to skip Rodovani Beach. It’s by no means “sprawling.”

It’s situated on Antipaxos, which is only around 4 kilometers long. This is where you go to get off the grid and truly be away from it all.

Just how remote is Rodovani Beach?

You can only get to it by boat. That will require either renting a skiff or arranging for a drop-off / pick up.

2. Skinaria Beach

Location: Crete, Greece

Just outside of the village of Lefkogia, you’ll find Skinaria Beach (some of the best snorkeling in Greece).

Sometimes called Shinyria, this is a small section of soft sand and pebbles where crystal blue water awaits.

With a little exploring, you’ll find that wildlife thrives in and out of the waters around Skinaria. Along with the great snorkeling areas in the water, there are all kinds of tidal pools that spring up along the shores. Perfect for kids to play and explore. 

Out on the seabed, you’ll probably be swimming alongside morays, octopus and all kinds of other aquatic life. You’re sure to see a lot of scuba divers out there, too. There is a tavern for snacks, drinks, sunbeds, and umbrellas. They’ll have everything you need to make your beach outing a comfortable one. 

1. Foki Beach

Location: Cephalonia, Greece

Vitaly Titov / ShutterStock

Seasoned snorkelers will tell you that Foki Beach is one of the best dive spots in all of the Greek Islands.

It’s surrounded by idyllic natural woodlands and cliffs that form a secluding shelter for the beach. Foki is not near the open sea.

Because of its popularity, the waters can become a bit crowded with other snorkelers especially is you’re traveling during peak season. Still, it’s worth the trip just to see what’s under the sea. 

And those are some of the best spots for snorkeling in Greece.

You just have to pick the beach!