Bermuda Travel Guide Books (3 Best Options)

by Billy | Updated: July 17, 2019

Traveling to a brand new destination can be overwhelming.

Have you ever got back from vacation just to find out you missed one of the main attractions?

Yup, it’s a horrible feeling…

That’s why every time I’m about to travel to a new destination, I always buy a few travel guides to make sure this never happens.

Are you looking for the best Bermuda travel guide book?

We put together a list of the (top 3) travel guides that will help you navigate Bermuda like a pro.

Quick Winners

Don’t have much time to decide? Here are our quick winners.

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Fodor’s Bermuda Guide

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Especially helpful for cruise-goers.

Fodor’s travel guides are a staple in the travel industry. They’ve been around for over 80 years, so you can rest assured it’s quality content. They do extensive research and partner with locals from the destination the travel guides are written about.

I have a few of Fodor’s travel guides and definitely recommend them.



Frommer’s Bermuda Guide

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Frommers is another travel company that has been releasing quality guides since 1957. This Bermuda guide is their 19th edition. One of the best parts is that it comes with a free pocket map, which can be useful if you don’t have cell service.



Moon Bermuda Guide

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Our Recommendation: Buy if you’re staying in Bermuda

Moon Travel hasn’t been around as long as Fodors, however, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves. First, started by publishing travel guides for Asia, they’ve now expanded.

There’s always going to be some information overlap when you buy a few travel guides, however, each has its strengths & weaknesses.



Final Thoughts

I went ahead and purchased all three books together. I mean, it’s really hard to beat all the information for a small price.

It’s safe to say if you end up picking up just one of these books, I’d go with the Moon Bermuda Guide.